Item Id: UC01020

Luftwaffe Flak Artillery Oberleutnant's Tropical Combat Tunic


Standard issue light weight Luftwaffe tropical tunic, constructed of tan ribbed cloth. Four patch style pockets with rectangular flaps, upper flaps are pleated whereas the lower ones are not. Four button silvered pebbled metal buttons.  Sew-on shoulder boards bright silver/aluminum top on red cloth. One gilt alloy metal rank star pinned in place. The left strap show heavy damage caused by bad storage and moths. To the right collar is a red wool construction collar tab with double,hand embroidered rank “gulls” for the rank Oberleutnant. Left side collar tab is missing. Officer’s hand embroidered bullion breast eagle neatly hand sewn in place. The eagle has sadly been victim to a moth feast. Tunic is completely unlined. We find no maker marks but an old laundry label is sewn in place. The tunic shows stains more or less all over but no rips, tears or mendings.


Completely untouched tunic in “as found” condition!!