Item Id: HF24001

Luftwaffe Lightweight M43 cap for EM/NCO


Well used cap in very good condition. Cap is made of LW blue/grey lightweight combat cloth. Which is much harder to find compared to full-weight caps. Two pebbled blue-grey metal buttons on front. Separate LW Eagle and padded cockade, both machine sewn to the front of the cap. Outside cap has slight chafewear and some stains from wear, no holes or other damage though.
Inside with silver-grey HBT rayon lining. Lining shows wear and stains from wear, sweat and hairproducts. Insideis a small hole to rayon lining. Cap is well marked with RFNr, year of manufacture “1944” and finally size “55”.
It is a really nice salty cap which have a lot of history!!