Item Id: HV23015

Luftwaffe Paratrooper Namned and unit stamped EM/NCO´s Visor Cap, Clemens Wagner


Cap is constructed of LW blue-grey ribbed tricot cloth and yellow wool piping denoting service in Flight or Paratrooper branch. Aluminium 2´nd type eagle and wreath/cocarde at front. LW-style visor with black underside. EM/NCO´s leather chinstrap (LW varity with rounded buckles).
Cap shows  wear on outside and a little more on the inside. It   has a lot of mothbites to the yellow piping (see pictures) also wear holes and moth holes on other places as well (see photos).
Interior is made of light yellow rayon cloth which show some stainings specially after hair products. Sweat shield is all there and the “Clemens Wagner” logo is clearly visable. Tan leather sweatband shows wear and has one hole from a side button, wearing through. Reverse of the sweatband has a name label with the name “Kunz” as well as a unit stamped “1.Fallsch-Jäger-Rgt ?, 4. Komp”
All in all the cap show medium wear and is in a Very Good used condition except for the mothing and the wear holes. It also have a very nice apperance. Size approx 5.
This is a very rare namned as well as unit marked Paratroopers NCO´s Visor cap!!