Item Id: JM23026

Named Japanese WWII Army Captains's Type 98 tunic with Commander Badge And 6 Place Medal Ribbon


Named Japanese WWII Army Captains’s Type 98 tunic with Commander Badge And 6 Place Medal Ribbon


An army officer’s standard war time tunic made of khaki-colored lightweight “summer wool.” The tunic has a matched pair of original collar tabs for the rank of Captain as well as a sewn-in loop for a Commander’s Badge on the lower left side under the breast pocket. The war time original commanders badge is pinned in place and comes with the tunic. Sewn through 2 sets of loops is a 6 place medal – ribbon bar sewn above the left breast pocket. To each lower cuff is three emboridered starts made of bullion hand sewn in place. Above the stars is a singel rank tresse sewn in place, all denoting the rank captain. The tunic itself is sharp-looking, totally without moth damage.  It shows hardly and signs of use and is in very good condition. It has a name tag on the interior lining,


The commander’s badge is 4.5cm x 3.5cm. An oval aluminum badge with a brass star on the front and a broad attachment plate which is
to go through the loop on a tunic. The silver-colored wreath indicates it is for lieutenant officers (Second Lieutenant. Lieutenant, or Captain) who is supposed to command either a company or battalion-sized unit. This particular example is slightly used and has a nice age-patina on the surface.


Medal and ribbon bar comes with the tunic, the belt the tunic was photographed with is sold separately!



Named tunic with original commanders badge and 6 place medal ribbon in very good condition. VERY hard to find and will make a great addition to any collection!!