Item Id: UC23053

Scarce Dutch Manufactured Heer Medic Hauptmann's M36 Tunic


Highest quality, tailor made stone grey (Dutch cloth!) field-grey ribbed tricot cloth in construction tunic with dark-green cloth collar. The tunic features a seven button front closure with dual metal hooks and eyes at the neck. The tunic has four pleated front pockets with scalloped button down flaps. Each sleeve with false french cuffs. Officer collar tab’s with darl blue rayon center stripes are machine sewn in place. Sew-in shoulder boards with russian braids on dark blue cloth backing, two gilt alloy metal rank pips and medic cyphers all pinned in place. Above right breast pocket is a Officer’s bullion national eagle neatly hand sewn in place. To the second button hole is medal ribbons for Iron Cross Second class 1939 and East Front Medal hand sewn in place.


Inside if fully lined with silver/grey rayon cloth. The lining is ornamented with red sewing. A tailor label is hand sewn to the left inner pocket. It reads: “Kleermakerik B.SCHMIDT” which is a Dutch tailor located at the period at Birkstraat 71 Soest. Dagger hanger maker marked “A” DRGM also still in place.


The tunic is in little used condition. There is one minor mending to the left sleeve as well as a small wear hole.


Stunning, highest quality tunic manufactured in occupied Holland!!