Item Id: MD24009

Wehrpass And Deathcard To Artillery Gefr W. Müller

1,843.79 kr

Willi Müller was born 8th of May 1920 and was killed in action 26 of March 1944 in the eastern front.


Müller served in the Artillery branch and was involved in many battles: Rumania, Bulgaria – Metaxas line, Balkans, Greece, Pruth, Stalin line, Dnjepr, Prekop – Juschun, KRIM, Sevastapol, Kaukasus and Kuban. During his 3 1/2 year of service Müller received following decorations: Romanian crusade againt commusism medal, wound badge in black (1942), East front medal (1942), Krim shield (1942). The wehrpass is complete with all pages. Well filled in with portrait photo still intact. The wehrpass comes with Willi Müller’s death card.


Well decorated East front veteran, “gefallen für Grossdeutschland”!!