Terms & Conditions

The following General Conditions of Trade are legal basis for the complete business transactions between Customer and M Antiques of Stockholm AB

By accessing data of our web site, with registration and/or ordering you demonstrate that you do accept the General Conditions of Trade.

General Terms

Our website operates under standard international copyright law, any use of our images by other parties without our prior written permission is an infringement of our copyright and will result in legal action. This includes use of our images for hard copy publication or any use on the World Wide Web.

We do no longer offer a general lifetime guarantee as it is not possible for us to do so due to reasons stated above.

Starting from the 5´th of November 2007 we have voided all general lifetime guarantees and only the ones given in writing are accepted for return in authenticity matters.

Valid from the 5´th of November 2007 is the following;

All presented objects are to our knowledge contemporary originals and are sold with a 14 day inspection period (according to Swedish law re internet purchases). During this time the item can be returned for any reason for a full refund of all costs excluding shipping and eventual transaction costs (bank transaction fees, CC transaction fees and similar) if not as described (Size is never a reason for return!). After 14 days all rights for general return of the item is void and sale is final. Returns will be given in form of credit against future purchases, if nothing else have been discussed at the time of purchase.

We can still give longer time or lifetime guarantees in writing if the buyer discuss it with us prior to purchase. We give COA for free on items having a purchaseprice over 500 Euro, for items under that price we can still make COA´s but then they will cost 30 Euros each.

If an item which we sold without any other guarantee then the normal 14 day one and an item is proven to be non authentic by a dealer or collector respected by us and we feel we have been careless in our authentication at the time we may still take a responsibility for the sale, so contact us if you feel you have not been treated right.

Consignment item have a inspection period of 5 days after that any return for is void. No reason is acceptable for returns of consignment items as we have given most of the money to the consignor.

All offers and descriptions are to our bounden duty and knowledge, based on the many years of experience of our staff.

Unless stated otherwise in item description, all “props” such as medals, badges, belt, caps etc are not included. M Antiques of Stockholm AB does not offer and sell copies and reproductions.

The office of Military Antiques AB is the place for both parties where the contract is to be fulfilled. Court of Justice for both parties is Stockholms Tingsrätt, Sweden, with no exception. Orders placed are executed chronologically.

Swords, daggers, pointed or stabbing weapons will only be delivered to persons aged over 18 years.

Of special interest are the following relevant sections of German Law. Please read this summary of section § 86, 86a:

“Items that are used for making propaganda for a party or group which is classed as unconstitutional or forbidden, even if they act outside Gemany, may not be spread inside Germany. This applies for items made to propagate ideas that correspond with the ideas of the “Third Reich”. They might not be made, kept, imported or exported. The punishment may be prison (up to three years) or a fine.

This does not apply if those items are used in order to inform others, repel actions that are aimed against the constitution, if they are used in art, science, research, teaching, or to report about historical events or similar purposes.

If you use or show symbols or signs used by parties or groups that can be classified as unconstitutional, or if you manufacture, keep, export or import those, you may be punished (three years imprisonment or fine). You may not use or spread items that display or contain those signs or symbols, e.g. flags, insignia, uniforms (or parts of uniforms), mottos and forms of greeting.

You may also not use or spread signs or symbols that look similar to those. This does not apply if those items are used in order to inform others, repel actions that are aimed against the constitution, if they are used in art, science, research, teaching, or to report about historical events or similar purposes”

Note these regulations are only legally binding in Germany. M Antiques of Stockholm AB will however only sell military antiques under the same conditions as implified in these regulations.


The following goes for all cases of a return: Any damage or tampering with the returning item will void all guarantees. The buyer is responsible for all costs associated with shipping the item back to M Antiques of Stockholm AB.

Shipping is by either registered post or courier post. The buyer will be refunded 100% of the purchase price minus shipping, handling, and any transactional fees. Returns will be given in form of credit against future purchases, if nothing else have been discussed at the time of purchase.

Note that items may not be returned if they do not fit! Items are being sold as collectibles and are not meant to be worn! Sizes that may be given are the ones that are marked in the items themselves. They are only given as a reference and may not be correct.

Grading of the condition of an item:

1. Mint Condition, item is remaining at least 95% of it´s original finish, it have no damage, nothing is repaired or altered. item mainly have slight storage dust and is unissued or used just a very few times.

2. Near Mint Condition, item is remaining at least 85% of it´s original finish, it have no visable damage, nothing is repaired or altered. Item may have some slight wear and may have been used for a short while.

3. Very Good Condition, item is remaining at least 70% of it´s original finish, it may have some very slight damage, stainings, paint or finish loss from wear. It may have some period repairs and may also have some small repairs or restorations after the period which will be mentioned in the description. Item may have been worn for quite some time but still is in a undamaged condition.

4. Good Condition, item is remaining at least 40 – 50% of it´s original finish, it may have damage and it may have been period repaired or repaired or restored after the period. Restorations or repairs may or may not be mentioned in the description depending on how obvious they are or how big there inpact is on the items sales value. Item is in a well worn condition and will show combat wear and damage, it may have lost all finish at some places but it is sold complete.

5. Fair Condition, it may not remain anything of items original finish, it may have parts which have been exchanged and/or repaired after the period. It is in a obvious state for restoration or for parts use only.

Payments & Pricing

All prices on the site are in € (Euro). (Click here for current exchange rates) Payment is due 2 days after ordering, if nothing else is agreed upon before placing the order. Failure to fullfill payment within this timespan frees M Antiques of Stockholm AB of all obligations. The articles are property of M Antiques of Stockholm AB until the customer has paid it in full.

Payments to M Antiques of Stockholm AB can be made by Credit Cards (MasterCard and Visa), Bank Transfer (IBAN/BIC).

We will also take payments with Pay-Pal and other similar payment services. Here the customer must add a 5% handling-fee taken for all of this type of payments.

All Credit Cards will be charged in € (Euros).


We are located in Sweden and we use the Swedish Post and UPS/FEDEX as our premier carriers.

The website for tracking info is: www.posten.se. Of course if any of our customers prefers other carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL etc, it can be easily arranged, but it will naturally be more expensive than the services provided by the Swedish Post.

It must be understood that items are sent entirely at the customers own risk. We will pack the items well to prevent damage and obtain all relevant dispatch documents etc, but in the event of any parcel being lost in transit, we will not be liable for such loss! Insurance to the limits quoted by the delivery company involved, again loss or damage is included in our quoted delivery prices but offers only minimal cover. Also be aware about that several items do not get insurance cover due to international law, like weapon, ordnance, knifes etc etc. These items are not possible to insure.

We do not take any responsibility for shipped ordnance. In today’s world it may be put aside or just be destroyed by customs in many countries. We always ship it registered and insured if possible, but if destroyed or refused to be delivered, we will not take any responsibility for lost parcels or insurance which will be denied.

We get a lot of e-mails from customers who ask us about the estimated delivery time of their parcels. Here are some different estimated delivery times to some example locations with the Swedish Post. These times are to be calculated from the day that the parcel leaves Sweden.

USA and Canada approximately 4 – 7 working days (it could take up to 6 weeks if registered max safety)

Europe approximately 3 – 7 working days (it could take up to 4 weeks if sent registered max safety)

Australia and New Zeeland 1 – 3 weeks (it could take up to 6 weeks if sent registered max safety)

Sweden 1-3 days

Asia 1-2 weeks (it could take up to 6 weeks if sent registered max safety)

Our goal is to send out all orders as soon as possible, but sometimes we do not have the time to send orders the same day that they are processed and of course paid for. If you choose to pay with a credit card it will by natural means be the fastest way to get your order going, because then we have the instant payment and we would like to emphasize that we do NOT have any interest in having your parcels laying around at the shop, we like to send them as soon as they are fully paid.

A little reminder, if you have not received your parcel within the delivery time limits shown above, please contact us so that we can launch an investigation.

Regarding paid items that remains in our physical location without being shipped or fetched within 12 months automatically passes on the ownership to Military Antiques of Stockholm AB, unless otherwise has been agreed at the time of purchase.



M Antiques of Stockholm AB offers lay-away on expensive items (over € 500). Down payment is non-refundable and become the property of M Antiques of Stockholm AB  if the lay away payments are not full filled as agreed. There is a 25% restocking fee on returned lay away items, e-mail for more details.

Consignment items

We are happy to sell items in consignment! We do however not accept any items under a value of € 500.The Consignment % is the following;

€ 100 – 499 = 30%
€ 500 – 10000 = 25%
€ 10000 – 20000 = 20%
over € 20000 = 15%

Consignment items carry a five day return policy. After that time all sales become final since the majority of the funds are paid to the consignee. No reason will be accepted for return after that! We do not accept any item for sale that we do not believe to be 100% original. We are also very selective about who we accept consignment items from. There is a 20% restocking fee on returned consignment items, e-mail for more details.

Please note that ordering through our web site is not a guarantee of sale, should the item have already been sold through other methods.

Buying items

We are allways interested in buying original items or doing trades for them against items in stock. We have the following criteria.

1. The item must be original and authentic produced in the period, please do not waste ours or your time.

2. We purchase the items for resale, so the offered price will be a wholsale price.

3. We need to see the item before we pay for it. For large collections we are naturally interested in travel to see the items.

For further information please direct all correspondence to:

M Antiques of Stockholm AB
Ostmästargränd 5
120 40 Årsta

Phone + 46 8 508 608 51
Fax + 46 8 508 608 52

Mail to M Antiques of Stockholm AB info@ww-2militaria.com or hans@masthlm.com