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Red Eagle order 4┬┤th Class, 1┬┤st pattern 1830 with case and ribb
Heer Infantry Officer┬┤s Visorcap, HPC &quotFrischluft"
Heer Infantry Rgt 73 Unterfeldwebels┬┤s Waffenrock with Shootingc
&quotSS -Schule Braunschweig" EM/NCO┬┤s RZM cufftitle
Panzer Rgt 6 Oberleutnants Wrapper
German Cross in Gold with Box & Iron Cross 1┬┤st Class in box wit
Major Heinz Oppermanns, DKiG + EK1 + Ribbonbar + Shoulderboard
Uboot U-802 Engine NCO┬┤s group
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