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Item Id: AB22073

AFRIKA Cufftitle / Campaign Award 


In late 1940 the Germans began the hasty formation of the DAK, Deutsches Afrikakorps, under command of Generalmaj Erwin Rommel, as an expeditionary force to assist their Italian allies in the disastrous North African campaign. On July 18th 1941, an “Afrikakorps” cufftitle was officially introduced for wear by personnel serving with the DAK. The “Afrika” cufftitle was introduced on January 15th 1943 and was the second cufftitle in a series of four that held the status of a campaign award. The cufftitle was considered a military combat decoration, and as such, was bestowed with a corresponding award possession document. The basic criteria for award of the “Afrika” cufftitle, was a minimum of six months service in the African campaign, although personnel who had been wounded, contracted a tropical illness, or had won a military award, regardless of the time served in the African theatre were also entitled bestowal of the award.


The cuff award is made of woven, brushed, khaki/tan, “camelhair” with machine embroidered capitalized Latin script: “Afrika”, flanked by palm trees to either side in silvery/grey rayon threads. The top and bottom edges of the cufftitle are bordered in machine stitched on, silvery/grey, rayon Russian braiding. The reverse and has the typical opened back revealing the reverse of the embroidered script. Length is 36cm. The cuff award is shortened and shows age/use fading to the front side.


Uniform removed example in still good condition!!