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Item Id: IS21042

Waffen-SS Italian Volunteer's Sleeve Shield


In October and November of 1943 the Germans began to enlist pro-fascist Italians and formed the 1st Italian Volunteer Assault Brigade of the Armed Militia, in southern Germany. In January 1944 the Brigade returned to Italy and participated in the battle of the Anzio beachhead in the spring of that year. In September 1944 the Brigade was upgraded to divisional status and eventually evolved into the 29. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (italienische Nr.1). As with other foreign volunteer units the Germans devised and produced a national sleeve shield for wear by the divisional personnel.


This is a german manufactured Italian sleeve shield black wool construction shield shaped base. With machine embroidered, golden yellow fasces bordered in red threads and encompassed by a golden yellow shield shaped border. Un-issued example in good condition. The reverse shows dots of old glue. Most likely removed from a photoalbum.


Nice exampel!!