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Item Id: AM21092

Eastern Peoples Decoration 2nd Class in Bronze Without Swords


This series of awards was instituted on July 14th 1942 to recognize the contribution of volunteers from the Eastern European countries to Germany’s war effort. The awards were introduced in two classes with five grades and were awarded with swords for bravery in combat, or without swords for outstanding service to the war effort. In October of 1942 bestowal of the first or second class silver award was extended to German nationals serving with Eastern Troops, providing they already held the Iron Cross first or second class. Besides the coloration of the actual award the 2nd class awards were further distinguished from each other by different colored ribbons with a green ribbon with red stripes for the gold grade, a green ribbon with white stripes for the silver grade and a solid green ribbon for the bronze grade.


Medal made of die struck Zinc with a bronze wash. The award comes complete with a original piece of green colored ribbed, rayon ribbon. The retains about 99% of the original bronze color wash and is very good condition.


Most Eastern Peoples medals we find today has lost most of the original finish. This one is in close to mint condition. Don’t miss out on this one since it will most likely take a very long time untill you find one in similar condition!!