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Item Id: IMP22035

German Named Sawback S88/98 Second Pattern Bayonet


German Named Sawback S88/98 Second Pattern Bayonet


In 1915, ten years after the introduction of the first pattern S84/98, production of purpose made S84/98 bayonets started. These differ in several ways from the first pattern. A flashguard was added, a steel plate on the top of the grips, to avoid damage to the grips from the muzzle blast when used on the short barreled Kar98A carbines. The fullers were rounded. The profile of the grips was simplified with straight grip-ends. Also the distinct hump on top of the grips of the 71/84 and first pattern 84/98 were dispensed with. The second pattern S84/98 also came in a steel scabbard instead of the leather scabbard that was vulnerable and could break. This was used through WWI by Sturmtruppen, cavalry, MG crews and artillerymen, and increasingly by infantry.


Steel construction, 25cm blade which is maker marked “Marienthal” and also named to “Gefr. Heller” above the makers name. Full lentg with handle is 38.5cm and the complete length with scabbard is 41cm. Wooden grips with intact steel rivets. The blade is in very good condition wooden handle shows even signs of age and use. Scabbard is heavily polished with a couple of minor dings. All in all good used condition.


Hard to find a sawback bayonet and even more so a named one!!