Item Id: IMP21005

Germany Pre WWI Baden Grenadier's Waffenrock

4,897.57 kr

Germany Pre WWI Baden Grenadier’s Waffenrock


Private purchase tunic is made of fine and high quality dark-blue cloth. It sports a single row of eight gilt buttons. Six gilt buttons to the tunic’s rear at the vent. Sew in shoulder boards in White cloth with red embroidered crown, which is emblematic of Badische Leib-Grenadier-Regiment 109. The letters “RV” are also embroidered as well as “1” for 1’st Company. The tunic’s interior is fully lined with black satin cloth. The interior is Clean and without damage. The exterior shows signs of age and use. There is wear damage all around the collar edges, the neck closure hooks has been resewn and all the front buttons has been re-sewn. The old button holes are visable about 5cm apart from the single row of buttons.


Elite Baden grenadier RGT waffenrock!!