Item Id: HF24002

Heer EM/NCO´s M43 Field Cap

10,412.52 kr

Field-grey uniform cloth body, typical later war cloth. T-type trapezoid sewn in a triangular form to the cap machine sewn to the front of the cap. Also to front, two pebbled metal buttons with dark field-grey paint. Lining is common grey rayon cloth. Lining has a faint RBNo stamping, year and size. The stamp is very hard to read. Inside rayon lining show wear, fading and dirt from sweat and hair products.


Cap is in medium worn condition. It have napwear all over but mainly at highlighted positions, the pebbled buttons also show wear and have paint loss to them. Outside cap also show dirt to the cloth which is hard to catch on the pictures, the cap have a nice well worn feeling. Correct construction in every aspect with inner reinforcement etc etc etc. Cap have a nice shape as well. Size is 57.


Super Nice Well Worn Textbook Example!!!