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Item Id: MI23003

Kriegsmarine M.S. 6 Flottille Commander Hans John, Pennant and Memorial Wooden Commemorative Board


Hans John was commanding officer of the 6’th Minensuch-Flottille 15.5.1942-20.3.1943. He received the German Cross in Gold, 17 May 1943.


Personal gift’s to the flottilla commander Hans John when he was transfered to a new command from the ship commanders in the 6’th Minensuch-Flottille.

The pennant meassures 93cm x 140cm with printed Iron cross to the middle. The bunting is marked “Flottillenstd 1.0 x 1.4”. Complete with rope for fastening. In good, used condition with light color fading and a couple of minor pinhead sized holes. There is also very nicely hand embroidering which reads: 6.M.S. – Flotille 15.5.42-20.3.43.


Wall hanged wooden board with all the boats under his command and name of the commanders, nicely hand carved. Among the names are for example two Knightcross holders and at least one german cross in gold holder. The plaque meassures 43cm x 30cm. In very good condition with light signs of age.


Truly a one of a kind memorial goruping to highly regarded and well decorated Flottilla commander!!