Item Id: WD23001

Luftwaffe Second Pattern Officers Dagger

5,704.23 kr

The forged and tooled steel cast alloy and molded bakelite multi-piece construction dagger, including the hilt is roughly 39 cm long and features a roughly 26 cm long bright nickel/silver plated double edged drop forged steel construction stiletto style blade with a flat central plane. The blade is in overall Good condition with the typical light scabbard runner marks and some staining and pitting. The reverse of the blade is well marked with the Rob Klaas, Solingen logo. The leather washer is still intact.


The dagger has a well defined nicely detailed cast, zinc crossguard, ferrule and the pommel looks to be made of Zinc. The crossguard features a stylized national eagle with down-swept wings clutching a canted swastika in it’s talons to the obverse with a random pebbled field to the reverse. The top edge of the crossguard has an ornate etched oak-leaf pattern to each side. The cast ferrule has a repeating embossed diagonally angled oak-leaf pattern. The orb shaped pommel features an embossed oak-leaf pattern encompassing a dual encircled embossed canted swastika on a pebbled background field to both the obverse and the reverse. The crossguard, ferrule and pommel all show light to moderate age tarnish.


The dagger has a molded white bakelite grip with the correct fine twisted wire wrap inset into the diagonally angled grooves, it has come slightly loose at one end. The grip is in overall good condition with light age and usage toning. The dagger comes complete with its original, sheet steel scabbard which have age toning but no dents or damage. The grip is a bit loose, the screw needs to be tightened up, rather easy fix.


Nice LW 2´nd model dagger!!