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Item Id: OM01057

Russia WWII Medal for the Defense of the Caucasus

691.42 kr

The Medal “For the Defence of the Caucasus” was awarded to all participants in the defence of the Caucasus – soldiers of the Red Army, sailors of the Navy, troops of the NKVD, as well as persons from the civilian population who took part in the defence of the Caucasus during the battle for the Caucasus region between July 1942 and 9 October 1943
Òhe medal ” For the Defence of the Caucasus ” was awarded to approximately 870.00 people


This Medal for the Defense of Caucasus (Type 1) The eye of the medal is a separate element, attached by soldering. This type was awarded during the Second World War. The medal complete with original war time ribbon and medal block is two-layer, made of heavy metal. The medal is in good used condition.


Nice war time example!!