Item Id: OM01026

Russia WWII Medal Grouping, Awarded to a Polish Volunteer


Awarded to Lieutenant Stankevich Stanislav Ignatyevich
with Order of the Patriotic War 2’st class
for direct participation in the battles for town Kohlberg (West Pomeranian. Poland). 
Born in 1909, Nationality polish
In Red Army from 1941. Military rank Lieutenant
7th Infantry Regiment 3 Polish Infantry Division


Order of the Patriotic War 2’st class. Made of solid silver, gold and enamels.Total weight is about 25g without the metal disc.  The maker mark Monetni Dvor is located at the 6 o’clock position underneath the screw and the serial number is located at the 6 o’clock position it reads “385538”.


Russia WWII Medal for the Defense of Leningrad Variation 1
The medal comes complete with original ribbon sewn to a period made metal backplate with a pin back device to the reverse.´


This is what we find in the Russian military archives about this order:


During the fighting for the town Kohlberg from 9th till 18th March 1945, lieutenant Stankevich took a direct part in the work of the task force at the forefront. Despite the strong fire, moving from battalion to battalion, helped the battalion headquarters in order to collect information about losses among the personnel of the regiment as well as taken trophies and prisoners of war, what facilitated the work of headquarters in operational tasks.
Lieutenant Stankevich previously have been rewarded with the bronze medal of Poland “Deserved on the field of praise” for the battle for Leningrad and medal “For the defense of Leningrad”.


Very interesting medal grouping to a Polish volunteer who fought for Russia in WWII!!