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Item Id: IH24001

Wehrmacht Kurland Cufftitle

11,235.61 kr

The Kurland Cuff Title or Kurland Cuff Band was a World War II German military decoration awarded to Wehrmacht servicemen of Army Group Kurland who served in the Kurland Pocket. During the German retreat on the Eastern Front Wehrmacht forces were cut off on the Courland Peninsula in Latvia from July 1944. Renamed Army Group Courland on 25 January 1945 it held out until the end of the war in May 1945. The cuff title was approved on 12 March 1945 by Adolf Hitler, on the recommendation of the commander of the Army Group Courland. It was the last German award to be instituted in World War II. Distribution began in late April 1945. To qualify, a member of Army Group Courland would have to, between 1 September 1944 and 8 May 1945: Participate in at least three combat actions or
serve a minimum of three months in the pocket, if wounded the cuff title could be awarded without fulfilling these criteria.


This example is constructed of machine-woven white-grey cotton threading. The exterior with a machine-embroidered black inscription “KURLAND” flanked on the left by a machine-embroidered black shield bearing a Teutonic Order-style cross and flanked on the right by a shield bearing a coat of arms of the former Kurland capital city of Mitau. The cuff title meassures 3.6cm x 19.5cm. Obverse shows some light stains and age fading, possibly used example in still good condition.


Desirable and rare cufftitle!!