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Item Id: JM23038

WWII Japanese Army Good Luck National Flag Dedicated to Conscript Yoshio Hirai


Produced of cotton, size 81cm x 82cm. The hinomaru (red circle) is made of a cotton cloth dyed in red and machine-sewn on another white cotton sheet but the red circle can be seen on both sides of the flag. The flag is dedicated to a recruit “Yoshio Hirai” (平井芳夫) by
“Tamenori Mori”(森為憲). The large kanji on the left side of the flag says, “Chuchu Ikkan”(忠誅一貫)meaning
“Pursue to give punishment to those who deserve it.” The four large kanji that surrounds the red circle is “Banzai Hokoku” (萬歳報国)meaning “Long Live Our Country and it is our pleasure to serve it.” The black ink in kanji is slightly faded in part. It doesn’t have strings at the edges where there was no sign of a string once attached to it.


Named and rather scarce good luck flag!!

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