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Item Id: JM24034

WWII Japanese Army/Navy Rubberized (Tropical) Nambu Type 14 Holster and Its Matching Strap

5,473.76 kr

A set of serviceable Nambu holster with its original shoulder strap. The late-war rubberized holster can hold a Nambu Type 14 pistol securely and the hard shell flap can be hooked up to the stud on the body. The rubberized shoulder strap is still flexible, but it would be difficult to adjust the length of the strap. However, it appears that the length of its strap is long enough to serve its purpose without problems. The marking is neither present nor invisible. There are scribbles on the back of the hard-shell flap cover, but they were too thin to read. In any case, both holster and strap is an unquestionable one-look original example in very good condition.


Very hard to find a good-conditioned, serviceable holster that comes with an original strap!!

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