Item Id: JM24027

WWII Japanese Army Officer’s Forage Cap in Very Good Condition

6,049.94 kr

Here is a time-machine to go back to the 1940’s. Do not make mistakes. It is 100% original. A very well preserved, textbook example of a typical wartime officer’s cap. Never seen this type in such a beautiful shape. An incredible piece! As it has not been exposed to the sun for a long time, the olive drab wool looks more greenish than the used examples. The iron grommets looks so brilliant that it is like they were painted yesterday. Though wrinkled, the silk lining is intact. The ersatz sweat band is also without damage. The presence of a few superficial moth nips is a reassuring sign of its being about 80 years old. The sweatband is stiff and dry, this also helps the cap to stay in it’s nice shape.


A very rare specimen that needs to be preserved in a discerning collection!!

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