Item Id: JM24001

WWII Named Japanese Army Second Lieutenant’s Grouping

7,432.79 kr

The grouping is made up of a visor hat and a matched pair of a mint Type 3 tunic and a pair of mint pants. The Type 3 tunic and a pair of pants are made of the same high-quality olive-drab wool. The tunic has a pair of Second Lieutenant’s collar tabs on the collar and a pair of bullion stars and machine-woven cloth tapes on the sleeves. On the cotton interior lining, there is a name tag with machine-embroidered kanji which reads “Kawamura” (河村). The same kanji appears on the silk lining of the visor. Obviously, they all belonged to a Second Lieutenant by the name of “Kawamura” (河村). No information on this officer is available, however. The tunic and pants, as both are of highest quality, private puirchase, could also been saved and used as best dress and used a couple of times. But they might also never been used. Condition is close to mint.


The tunic and pants set is simply beautiful without moth damage, while the visor has extensive moth damage on the olive drab wool including a couple of 1cm moth holes on the top. However, the enameled visor and the chinstrap are intact and clean. The red wool band is also devoid of moth bites, so the visor hat can be displayed well, unless the top surface is visible. The visor was for sure used for a longer time and has also suffered from age / storage condition.


However, the main thing in the grouping is, needless to say, the matched tunic and pants set, which is definitely
the best one that we have been able to offer. This tailor-made tunic and pants are made of high-quality heavy wool
and their size is relatively large. Insignia and their application is textbook and unquestionable. Even the collar liner has an original “Kaikosha” stamp, which is a hallmark of wartime originality. So, everything about the set is correct.
We think this will remains to be the best set for years to come.


An awesome-looking untouched original fresh out of the woodwork!!