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Artur Becker RK Holder Schützen-Regiment 394


Artur Becker RK Holder Schützen-Regiment 394


Original Postwar Signature on a Postwar Photo of Arthur Becker(-Neetz). Arthur Becker (31.12.1920 † 12.10.2016) earned the Ritterkreuz on August 25, 1941 as Unteroffizier und Gruppenführer of the 7. Kompanie/ Schützen-Regiment 394 of the 3. Panzer-Division. Good condition. Postcardsize.


Knight’s Cross: “Unteroffizier Becker showed great prudence during the engagement near Lykowo on the 15.07.1941. By doing so he had a major share in the defense against strong enemy attacks along the southeastern front of Mogilev and in the prevention of his own Kompanie’s annihilation. After the Kompanie commander had fallen he went on to motivate his men through the combat against a much larger enemy force in the difficult forest terrain despite being wounded himself. His Bataillon was only able to absorb the strong enemy breakthrough attempt here on account his independent actions.”


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