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Item Id: AB24019

Early Tombac Luftwaffe Flak Badge Maker Marked by Gustav Brehmer Markneukirchen

4,551.86 kr

The Flak Artillery War Badge was introduced by Hermann Göring on January 10th 1941 for award to air defence crews including searchlight and sound detection personnel. Originally the Flak Artillery War Badge was awarded to personnel for both aerial and ground target victories until the introduction of the Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge on March 31st 1942 after which the Flak Artillery War Badge was only awarded for successful aerial target victories.


This is a two piece die struck, early high quality Tombac construction. Solid backed badge with a separate Luftwaffe style eagle. The badge features nice detailing including cut-outs to the swastika’s arms. Complete with original hinge, pin and catch assembly. The badge is also maker marked to the reverse “BREHMER MARKNEU KIRCHEN”. The badge is in very good condition.


Early high quality badge constructed of Tombak which also is maker marked!!