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Item Id: IH01025

Heer Grossdeutschland Rare 1'st Pattern Cufftitle 


On June 20th 1939 special uniforms and insignia were introduced for all Großdeutschland personnel including the distinctive cufftitle and shoulder board/strap cyphers. Originally introduced for wear by all ranks the Großdeutschland cufftitle was produced in at least four variant patterns during the war with minor modifications. The first pattern cufftitle was a machine woven version featuring Gothic style script in bright silver/aluminum threads on a dark green base  Although the earlier pattern cufftitles with the hand embroidered script are often referred to as Officer’s types there was no differentiation between the Officer and EM/NCO’s cufftitles.


1’st pattern dark green rayon construction cufftitle featuring machine woven Gothic style script “Großdeutschland” in bright, silver/aluminum flat-wire threads. The cufftitle is bordered at both the top and bottom edges in bright silver/aluminum flat-wire threads. The reverse of the cufftitle has loosely woven silver/aluminum flat-wire threads and shows the script in a green rayon mirror image. The cufftitle is in very good condition with sewn together ends. Total length if opened is approx 33cm.


Scarce Grossdeutschland 1’st pattern cufftitle in very good condition!!