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Japanese Wartime Photography Magazine on "China Incident" or War Against China

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Japanese Wartime Photography Magazine on “China Incident” or War Against China


This large-sized 32 pages magazine (38cmX26cm) is titled “China Incident Holy War Commemoration Photo Book” and is published in 1938 by“Tokyo Nichinichi Shinun-Sha,” a major newspaper company in Japan. It has full of photos and stories of various aspects of military campaigns of the Japanese army during the all-out war against China that started the previous year. It comprehensively covers areas of operation including those of Shanghai and Nanking. Interestingly, the front cover features a picture of a helmeted soldier colorfully portrayed by a famous illustrator “Sentaro Iwata”(岩田専太郎)who was famous for his portrayal of beautiful ladies. Without doubt, his style was at odd with the subject of the book but the publisher must have been keen to seek its readers among women. The condition is good for its age. A horizontal fold line is slightly visible in the center of the magazine but there is no rips and without serious damage. Rare.


Very hard to find in well preserved condition!!

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