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Item Id: AB23001

Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge

3,975.68 kr

Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring established the Luftwaffe Ground Combat Badge on March 31st 1942 for award to all Luftwaffe personnel who had distinguished themselves in ground combat. Certain criteria had to be met for award of the badge with the main criteria being three separate ground combat actions.


This example is an two piece, die struck zinc solid backed award in the form of a oval oak-leaf wreath with separate silver washed Luftwaffe eagle. Eagle is attached to wreath by one rivet which is visible to reverse. Hinge, pin and catch all intact to the reverse. The badge shows some of the original silver wash still intact to the wreath and to the reverse, the eagle still shows all original silver wash. The badge is in overall very good condition.


Very nice example!!