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Rare Large Oil Cloth Print "Our Führer With His Victorious Troops In Poland" Dated 1939


Rare Large Oil Cloth Print “Our Führer With His Victorious Troops In Poland” Dated 1939



The well known German artist Professor Hans W. Schmidt 1859-1950, was trained at the Weimar Art School, he received the title of Professor in 1903 and produced many realistic German landscapes, Napoleonic and World War I battle paintings and paintings of biblical scenes. Some of his paintings filled entire walls while others were used to produce postcards.


This is a very rare 70cm x 100cm oil cloth bound print of a picture painted by Professor Hans W. Schmidt dated 1939/40. The title is Unser Führer bei seinen siegreichen Truppen in Polen – Übergang über die Weichsel (Our Führer with his Victorious Troops in Poland – Crossing the Vistula River) and shows Adolf Hitler in an open Mercedes-Benz Nazi staff car surrounded by celebrating men of many different branches of the Wehrmacht.


The detail of the painting is astounding. Seated to the left of Hitler in the Mercedes-Benz is Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt who lead Army Group South during the invasion of Poland in September 1939. There is another large, open car behind the one carrying Hitler and Von Rundstedt, and the occupant is also a Field Marshal. There are motorcycles with Wehrmacht license plates in the foreground, a large bridge over the Weichsel river in the background, and the uniform accessories of the soldiers are superb. The print is in very good condition with minor signs of age.


VERY rare print which will create a museum worthy display on its own with the right frame and Lighting!!


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