Item Id: JM23043

WWII Japanese Army Lance Corporal's Late War Tunic And Trousers


This is a matched set of light weight cotton tunic and pants worn by an Army Lance Corporal who worked as an assistant for an NCO (In so doing he even acted like an NCO.) These Lance Corporal insignia are original to the tunic. The tunic is not named but has a three place ribbon bar consisting of a Sacred Treasure medal ribbon, a 1937-1945 China Incident War Medal Ribbon, and a Red-Cross Special Membership Medal ribbon. Like an officer’s tunic the tunic has a slit for a sword hanger on the left side so the wearer must have had a NCO sword to carry with him while in service. It is slightly worn and overall in great shape. This was a type of uniform privately purchased at a PX or a shop inside a military camp or a garrison. So these tunics and pants must be abound in those days but today we rarely see them. Because of its late war low quality, most of these didn’t survive postwar years.


Though an interesting variation, it is definitely a 100% original NCO tunic that just recently came out of the woodwork!!

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