Item Id: JM23034

WWII Named Japanese Army Sergeant Type 98 Khaki Wool Tunic in Excellent Condition


A type 98 army-issue khaki wool tunic dated 1938. It was issued to two persons whose names were hand-written inside as “Koichiro Okumura” and “Sergeant Harada.” As the tunic is clean, both persons presumably survived the war. It has a pair of original early type Sergeant collar tabs still attached to it. Generally, these early-issue khaki wool tunics were worn by soldiers dispatched to China or Manturia where conflicts had been raging even before the Pacific War broke out in 1941. Many veteran soldiers received an honorable discharge and came back home from China, wearing these tunics before 1941. As the olive drab became mainstream for the color of the wool tunic in the 1940s, the light-colored khaki uniforms gradually became out of service. However, the outdated khaki wool tunic was actually better made than the later Type 3 tunic which was made of coarser olive drab wool. It has a full cotton lining and buttons are made of shiny brass. As a worn example, this particular tunic has a few small snags below the left lower pocket and there is a minor frayed area inside the collar. Overall, it is a nice clean tunic and is absolutely no moth damage. However, the coolest thing is the fact that it was
actually worn by a sergeant.


A named sergeant tunic is near impossible to find!!

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