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Item Id: JM24011

Japanese Cased Showa Grand Enthronement Commemorative Medal


A Japanese commemorative medal and ribbon in it’s original case. To the obverse center of the diameter silver medal is a Imperial Chrysanthemum, within the opened curtains of the Imperial throne, to either side of which are stylized clouds, and beneath which are the kanji characters for “Banzai!” (which usually translates to “May the Emperor Live Ten Thousand Years”). To its reverse is a banner flanked by stylized clouds, all encircled by the outline of an Imperial Chrysanthemum. To the top of the banner are embossed the kanji characters for “Grand Enthronement,” underneath of which are three characters translating to “Commemorative Medal.” Arching underneath the banner, from right to left, are the characters for “Showa era 3rd Year 11th Month” (November, 1928). A clasp is to the top of the medal, with a perforated ball to its top, through which passes the ribbon’s suspension ring. Fed unto the ring is a  watered silk ribbon, with five stripes to it, in purple, white, red, yellow and green. An alloy hook is to its top, which folds down and mates with an eye sewn to its reverse. Comes complete with its original presentation case. Both medal and case is in good condition with signs of age.


Very nice exampel!!

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