Item Id: JM23008

Japanese WWII Named Army Surgeon Officer's Field Cap in Very Good Condition


A textbook mid war army officer’s wool cap in great condition. Made in wartime olive drab wool but still retains its original slight greenish hue. To the obverse it looks almost un-used, complete with the minty chinstrap, the perfect frontal yellow star badge, the rust-free steel air ventilation grommets and the original size-adjustment string in full length. There are a few tiny moth holes visible on the wool but, otherwise, the cap would look almost new. To the inside, the ersatz leather (paper) sweat band has some wrinkles. There is no signs of stains from sweat or greasy hands. Considering its clean condition, this cap was worn only a few occasions. The silk lining is also clean and the color is still vivid. On the lining, the handwritten kanji read: “Army Surgeon Takemura” (竹村軍医), “Narashino Army Hospital” (習志野陸軍病院). Nothing indicates the doctor’s military rank, however. “Narashino Army Hospital” was a fairly large hospital, so, unfortunately, we cant identify him.


Despite a few minor moth holes, a cap in this condition is extremely difficult to find. On top of that, it comes in LARGE SIZE (around 58cm). Easily, the best textbook original example for sale anywhere. It would probably take years to find another in a better or similar condition!!